Online IOT Research Internship & Training Program

Internet of Things (IoT) Research Internship Program

Internet of Things, nomenclature done by Kevin Ashton for a presentation title at P&G in 1999, was born with the idea of attaching RFID in their supply chain. Since then, there has been continuous attempt to add more and more things connected over the network. The concept of Internet of Things is built upon increasing the number of machine to machine communications. These communications are relying on cloud computing and a network of sensors. Overall, IoT is merely an extension of Wireless Sensor Networks.

As more and more devices keep connecting to the network, estimation goes to around having 200 billion devices connected by 2020. With this enormous number, we should already be able to imagine the extent to which IoT will pierce in the life of every sector from consumer to industries. Any device that comes to the imagination will be actually a part of the network, sharing data in some form over the network. The shared data actually opens up ways for data analytics to observe and prepare any connected system over the network for future possibilities and to adapt it to overcome the hurdles in that.

With the buzz of IoT all around, it is certainly a good stream to attract upcoming Engineers and hobbyists. It has a number of underlying concepts to make the system as a whole to function as desired and have the control and security aspects lying with the user or creator. A decent start in the upcoming industry can be through hands-on experience in real-time industry projects that can be offered during internships in Companies.

Why Avian?

The interns DO NOT fetch papers or get involved in administrative tasks. The company follows a non-conventional approach towards internships by letting the interns learn by their own experiences instead of undergoing a classroom-teaching program. The interns are encouraged to take-up real-time problems and develop a problem solving approach towards it. Initially, the interns are exposed to practical implications of the theoretical knowledge acquired by them. Further, the interns form a part of the team to work on the projects that are currently running in the company.

Trained more than 20,000 students in the last 7 years of operation

Established 5 Research labs in the various south Indian institutions

Workshops and Course content prepared based on industry practices and requirements

Bridge the gap between theoretical concepts learned in college and industry practices

All participants will receive certificates from Avian Aerospace

Students who indulge in and complete real time industrial projects will be awarded certificate of Merit

Program Insight

As an intern, you will be working with a mentor at Avian, who will be your go-to person in case of doubts or guidance required. You will be the one taking initiative towards working in the domain you are interested in. The duration of the internship can be chosen by you, based on your availability and field of interest. We are flexible with the dates of the internship.

Who can participate?

Engineering students from any stream any year

Diploma Students from any stream any year

Anyone who has interest in embedded systems, IoT, Connected devices etc..,

Expectations from Interns @ Avian

We take up interns based on the passion they have towards technology and on few other qualities as listed

Independent and self-driven

Good communicator


Enthusiastic to learn

Basic subject knowledge - NOT there? NO PROBLEM. You are coming here to learn!

How to Register?

Choose the duration and get the payment details from us

Pay via credit/debit card or NEFT or IMPS or Direct Deposit

Once payment is done send the payment receipt and registration form

We will send a confirmation mail

Program Details

Understanding the buzz- Internet of Things?
IoT system
IoT architectures
IoT communication protocols
Selection of sensor actuator based on projects
Working of actuators (pump, relay or motor driver)
Sensor calibration (ultrasonic sensor, soil moisture sensor)
Understanding the controllers
Developing real-time systems
Home and Industrial automation
IoT in Agriculture
Mobile App development to control the system and monitor real-time data
15 Days
30 Days
45 Days
60 Days