Robotics Summer Research Internship Program

Robotics Research Internship Program

Robots, ultra-advanced digital computers, have now already taken up a lot of place where humans used to be earlier be in household, industries or medical. Artificial beings have always fascinated us since long. General Motors installed the first industrial robot, Unimate, in 1961. Logically, Robotics is a combination of mechanical, electrical and computer science engineering. The inclination of almost every sector is towards a direction that already requires involvement of high-end computers to manage the tasks. Robots have thus become a necessity for the growing industries to handle the large amount of workload and manage huge data. The application of robotics is now widely spread in industries like manufacturing, packing, mining, Healthcare etc.

From the recent Trent and the estimated future scopes, we can predicate that the tomorrow will be the era of robotics.

Either as a hobbyist or enthusiast, you must also have interest in the field. One good way to start is, directly jump into the world of applications, where the knowledge is acquired based on hand-on learning for the projects that are currently used in Industry. Internships offer this opportunity at its best. Learning by directly working with the experts from Industry, not only helps gain good experience but to gather some good tips also which is part of no classroom teaching.

Why Avian?

The interns DO NOT fetch papers or get involved in administrative tasks. The company follows a non-conventional approach towards internships by letting the interns learn by their own experiences instead of undergoing a classroom-teaching program. The interns are encouraged to take-up real-time problems and develop a problem solving approach towards it. Initially, the interns are exposed to practical implications of the theoretical knowledge acquired by them. Further, the interns form a part of the team to work on the projects that are currently running in the company.

Trained more than 17,000 students in the last 6 years of operation

Established 5 Research labs in the various south Indian institutions

Workshops and Course content prepared based on industry practices and requirements

Bridge the gap between theoretical concepts learned in college and industry practices

All participants will receive certificates from Avian Aerospace

Students who indulge in and complete real time industrial projects will be awarded certificate of Merit

Program Insight

As an intern, you will be working with a mentor at Avian, who will be your go-to person in case of doubts or guidance required. You will be the one taking initiative towards working in the domain you are interested in. The duration of the internship can be chosen by you, based on your availability and field of interest. We are flexible with the dates of the internship.

Who can participate?

Engineering students from any stream any year

Diploma Students from any stream any year

Anyone who has interest in embedded robotics and real time applications

Expectations from Interns @ Avian

We take up interns based on the passion they have towards technology and on few other qualities as listed

Independent and self-driven

Good communicator


Enthusiastic to learn

Basic subject knowledge - NOT there? NO PROBLEM. You are coming here to learn!

Facilities Available

Basic 3D Printing/Prototyping Setup

Electronics/Robotics/Avionics Setup

How to Register?

Choose the duration and get the payment details from us

Pay via credit/debit card or NEFT or IMPS or Direct Deposit

Once payment is done send the payment receipt and registration form

We will send a confirmation mail

Program Details

Introduction to Robotics
Sub-categories of Robotics
Making your own Robot
Selecting the body based on size and material
Selection of control board (Microcontrollers)
Understanding motors and actuators
Choice of Sensors
Integration of sensors in the system
Modes of control for the Robot
Remote control/ App Control
Autonomous (sensor based control or image processing
App development
Testing the Robot
Developing the Robot for real-time applications
One week
Two Weeks
Three Weeks
One Month or more
Avian Aerospace Training Lab
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Internship Programs

Industrial and Research Internships

Unmanned vehicles industry has become one of the fastest growing sector in the world and there has been usage of this technology in many diversified fields such as real estate, defense, agriculture, communication, disaster management, logistics and even medical sciences. Their versatility has been proven in various times. This fever has caught up in India too where technologists have predicted that India will become the next technology hub for Unmanned vehicles by 2020.

The internship program offered by the company takes things one step ahead where the students are going to be put in for real time development projects and solving various technical issues in the development and application of these versatile vehicles. The internship will be offered as training where students will be taught the basics of unmanned vehicles technology. If the students choose to participate in the research projects, they will be put in some of the research projects undertaken by the company.


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#44, 2nd Floor, SNR Complex, Opp to Family Pharma, TC Palya Main Road, Ramamurthy Nagar, Bengaluru - 560016

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